• Marble Polishing of Boca Raton Florida. Marble Restoration of Boca Raton Florida. Natural stone restoration of boca raton florida. Marble floors, marble countertops and other marble areas need to be always kept clean and should have an outstanding appearance. By using marble and natural stone to finish the home, marble and natural stone will increases the beauty and elegance of the home. Marble and Natural Stone also create a sense of style and modern appearance to homes.
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Pacific Marble Restoration Testimonials


"You can count on Pacific Marble to give you prompt service, perform their work in a professional manner, and give you the most competitive prices for the care of all of your stones. I had the pleasure of hiring Pacific Marble to perform maintenance and some restoration to some of my various stones and they did an exceptional job. I will use them and recommend them whenever possible."

—Aleida Ors Waldman
Fort Lauderdale FL

"Over the years, I have used many marble cleaning companies to clean and polish the marble throughout my home. Once I experienced Pacific Marble, I continued to use them again and again. Their professional work ethic and their attention to detail impressed me. I am a realtor and I am often asked to recommend many types of service companies. All of my clients that have used Pacific Marble, have not only called me to thank me, but also to tell me they have recommended Pacific Marble to their friends and family. Thank you Pacific Marble for making my home sparkle! "

—Pam Finkelstein
Boca Raton, FL

"You and your team of professionals restored my marble to a like new condition and saved what I thought was a disaster. I had hired a small company to "clean" the marble floors in my house. Not only did they not know how to treat and clean marble they nearly ruined it. Stone floors like this require a level of expertise and product knowledge to preserve their beauty and extend their life. I hired a company that lacked both. This work is not for amateurs. Consequently the wrong product and lack of experience nearly ruined our floors. Oh and they were not insured either. You knew exactly what to do, handled the situation professionally and restored the marble to its natural beauty. Not only did you salvage my floors you saved my life. My wife nearly killed me for using my "friend" to clean the carpets and marble. No one will ever touch my floors again. Your price was fair. Your work and finished product are second to none." Thanks again!

—Bryan Jones
Coral Springs, FL

Dear Tiago, "Pacific Marble has been maintaining our beautiful limestone floors for five years now and they look fabulous. Your suggestions as to needed maintenance have always been just right and the work perfectly executed. I do appreciate the professionalism of your workers, their reliability and pleasant attitudes. Thank you for keeping my flooring looking like it did when it was brand new. Best regards, GaeKravit

—Symphony Condominium
Fort Lauderdale, FL

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